Dream Big, Talk Smart

Dream Big. Talk Smart.

A good friend of mine, Dr. Bruce Locklear, one of the premier educators of our time, uses this phrase often. We must dream big and then talk smart.

For someone like myself I love this!

I like to dream big. I do it all the time.

I like to watch what’s going on in the world.  I do that all of the time.

I often get caught up in the national conversation that is happening.  I do that way too often!

I even venture at times to think about the end of the world.  The church I have the privilege of being the Lead Pastor at, is in a series about this right now.

I like to dream big!

Where I get stuck is in the talking smart part.  I am not personally good at that and need others around me to help me do that.  This is where Dr. Locklear has been hugely influential.  He has asked me the right questions.  Are you ready for your big dreams to come to life?  How are you going to make that happen?  What is your first action step?

If I am not careful this is where I get stuck.  I find at times that my big dreaming leaves me in a place of feeling helpless and instead of moving forward I stay stuck where I am and I don’t accomplish anything.

I don’t think I am alone in this.

Too many of us get caught up dreaming about big things, that are so far beyond our influence or ability to impact, that it causes us to get stuck in place and do nothing.

Therefore we need to dream big!  And talk smart!

Dream Big – Change the world.

Talk Smart – It happens one person at a time.

Jesus modeled this behavior perfectly.  He came dreaming big.  He was going to change the world and then He talked smart by seeing the things right in front of him.

He could have changed the world by focusing on all the big things.  He would have had the power and ability to change each one of them if He wanted.  He was God.  But instead He focused on talking smart and smart talking for Jesus was to focus on those right in front of Him.  He saw everybody.

Even when the elite of the day tried to pull Him into bigger conversations He refused and cared for and fed and healed those within His physical reach.

We can learn a lot from Jesus’ example.  We need to talk smart.  So what question needs to be asked so we can talk smart?

Who is right in front of me today?

Let’s impact them.  It only takes us impacting one person at a time to change the world.

This is what I think is interesting about the national conversation.  If you look at the presidential vote it was almost split right down the middle.  Regardless then of what side you landed on it shows us that we are looking at a 1:1 ratio.

In order to make a difference today all you have to do is impact one person.  That’s it.  If each of us committed to getting to know one person on the other side we could build unity in this nation that would change the world.  Kind of cool huh?

Dream Big, Talk Smart.  Go outside today and see the person in front of you the way that Jesus saw those in front of him. And see what happens.  I bet through you He continues to change the world!